I was born and raised in Chicago. I left when I was 19 to go to film school in Southern California and have lived here most of my adult life, with the exception of 5 years in New York City in the early 80’s and one year back in Chicago in ’86.

I have been a professional photographer since 1997, though I began long before that. The first time I remember having a camera in hand and a purpose in mind was 1975. The very first assignment in my first cinematography class was to tell a story using a still camera. The professor decided that we should learn to compose and expose single film images first before moving on to motion picture photography. It was a great idea and it became a seminal moment for me. When the rolls of film for that assignment came back from the lab, I was hooked.

In the interim, I spent 20 years working in print advertising for movies: the first 5 years at Paramount Pictures as an assistant learning the ropes, followed by stints at various movie ad agencies as an account executive, and then for 9 years at The Walt Disney Company as a director of creative print. During that time, I had the unique opportunity to work closely with some of the finest photographers in the world, producing, art directing, and helping to create print ad campaigns for hundreds of motion pictures.

When I began my business and started shooting many campaigns of my own for a variety of clients, including movie posters and other entertainment work, I soon realized that Chicago/New York street smarts combined with corporate savvy is a great tool set for a professional photographer.

My style is versatility. I am as experienced on the road as I am in a studio. I can light a white space or a set, I can load a van or my SUV and drive all over creation, or I can fly to any remote site anywhere in the world with the same ease. I try to bring sincerity and emotion to the images I create. I approach every job, every person, every place or thing with curiosity and respect. It’s the only way I know to get a glimpse of soul, however fleeting it may be.